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  • How do sellers get paid?
    Sellers in the USA are usually paid via PayPal. Sellers in Canada are usually paid via Interac e-Transfer. Sellers elsewhere are usually paid via PayPal or Bank Transfer. pays all transaction fees.
  • When do you pay?
    Please allow two weeks for processing after your package is received.
  • Where do I send the broken stuff?
    We currently receive packages in New York State and Ontario, Canada. The exact address is on the Sell Now page.
  • Who pays for shipping?
    The seller (you) is responsible for all shipping costs. The buyer (us) is responsible for any duties or taxes, if applicable.
  • Do I need to send antennas, reflectors, and accessories?"
    No, we are only interested in the main electronic parts of the device.
  • Do you buy from sellers outside of USA/Canada?
    Yes, we do. However, as the seller (that’s you) pays for shipping, it might not be worthwhile for you unless you are selling us expensive but lightweight items.
  • What do you do with these non-working devices?
    We repair them in our electronics workshop and then use them in our network or sell them as refurbished products.
  • Do you buy models which are not listed on the price list?
    We can only guarantee payment for the models currently listed in the Price List. If you send us an item which is not on the price list, or an item which is not in Category A or B, then it will be processed on a case-by-case basis. You can also contact us, before sending your items, to discuss options.
  • Who pays for return shipping?
    There is no return shipping. Each device that you send us will either be paid for, or discarded. No exceptions.
  • What is your association with Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.?"
    We are not associated or affiliated with Ubiquiti Networks.
  • What if I have a question related to product warranty?
    Any warranty related questions should be addressed to your reseller, distributor or manufacturer.
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